Friday, April 9, 2010

quotes, personal statements & photos wanted

Johns Hopkins Medicine is planning a Celebration of Life service for Dr. Seidel. Save the date for Tuesday, June 1. No guarantees what can make it into the service, but we are planning to include some personal statements from alumni and are also creating a photo PowerPoint slide-show. Please post anything you might want included here or email them to me directly if you prefer.



  1. Dr. Seidel helped me through my toughest times as a medical student. He had the patience of a saint.

  2. I came to know Henry Seidel when I externed on Pediatrics in my senior year (1952-1953) and it would not be exaggerating to say that he was one of the chief reasons I became a pediatrician - his good spirits and humor lightened the load and he was a wonderful teacher. He will not soon be forgotten.

  3. Henry Seidel was every medical student's pediatrician. I still remember when the dog I had had since I was in 5th grade died when I was a first year medical student. Dr. Seidel immediately knew that something was not right. He called me into his office, consoled me like I was a young child, and made a phone call to excuse me from a test that day! No one questioned his authority and I took the test the following week. He showed everyone the compassion we only show to children. He was caring, kind, and devoted. He will be sorely missed. I agree, he was a saint.

  4. I wanted to be with my boyfriend and friends in NYC when I graduated college. But my father was desperate for me to go to Johns Hopkins Medical School. He begged me to speak to the Dean before making my final decision. I obliged, reluctantly, certain that I would still choose Cornell. Then I met Henry. He quickly told me that Hopkins wanted me and that Hopkins was the better choice. Then we spent an hour discussing NYC and my middle of the night motorcycle rides down Park Avenue with my then boyfriend now husband Larry. I think Henry maybe once rode a motorcycle. His warmth and gift at the personal connection demonstrated in that office in that hour changed my mind. He helped me make one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you Henry. And to his family and friends who mourn his passing, know that his was a very worthwhile life.

    Beth M. Deutch MD class of 86